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In this case, the family members have involved especially elders, they will give you advice, show path so that your marriage will be successful. However, astrology can give you the better solution; it will show the favorable combination of the planets, will those planets help in love marriage? While analyzing the navamsha Kundli, an astrologer can tell the conditions of the planet that is on the favorable side. Along with Venus, the place of Jupiter planet is also considered. Here some combinations are:. Marriage is stable if above planets have the combination with Jupiter, a benefic planet.

Above are the conditions of marriage either it is going to happen or not. Now, as per the astrology, the planet Venus is known as the love planet.

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In the birth chart, if planet Venus is with ascendant and placed in the houses like 5th, 7th, and 11th, then it denotes romance. It brings love in life either before marriage or after marriage.

Will You do Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage - Know from Hand Lines

Now, look at the horoscope that denotes that person will have the love marriage. There are other aspects of marriage in the kundali, if the planet Saturn is in a neutral house in the navamsha kundli, a person will get married soon.

Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage Astrology, Relationships Problem Solution

B: Now he is moving out and getting ready to marry one of his relative. I just want to find out whether I have chances of getting married to my love or not.

My name : rekha ponnamudi D. B: Time: 8. His name: Jagadeesh kantheti D.

Love compatibility by name according to Numerology

B : Time: But, one suggestion is there from you from my side not as an astrologer but a person who comes across with many many type of people everyday. That is — who can leave you after 9 years of relationship just to marry a new person he cannot be a true life partner of you at all and can leave you any time in life also even after marriage.

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Suicide can end a life in a day but get married with these type of person can give you death everyday. Forget him, I know this may not be that much easy, but you have to make that possible.

You are very lucky that you have come to know the reality about him before marriage, because if this would have happen after marriage just think what would be your condition. Consult a psychologist if possible, You need a doctor now, not an astrologer dear……god bless you……. Sir, can you please tel me the reality of my astrology.. I sincerely believe nothing will happen beyond astrology..

Please tell me what my astrology speaks about my life.

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Name — Rakesh DoB — 3-apr Time — Ok dear I understood you have problems with your family regarding your relation but what is your question? Hello I am Harpreet Kaur. MY DOB I just want to know when I will get married and will i have an arranged or love marriage…. Namaskar Bhattacharya ji I want to know whether I will do love or arranged marriage My dob is and time is am place -Jammu Please reply.

My name is Dipanwita. My question is very basic. I follow your website and articles. Definitely my question is Marriage related. Iam curious about my own future.

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While reading my own natal chart following the rules mentioned by you in your articles, I have definitely arrived at conclusions. But Iam not very sure about my own reading abilities as this is not my profession. So seeking for your help. And also, will I have a passionately loving husband or just an average one? So hereby the Budhaditya yog gets cancelled too. Only the Mars is the single benefic planet in the rashi chart being the owner of 9th house and placed in 9th house itself without having any negative aspect but MOON, a weak waning moon is giving its full 7th aspect on mars, causing lowering its beneficial strength.

But in D-9 venus is in the ascendant and 7th house lord mercury is posited in the 3rd house in a friendly sign but being retrograde and aspected by saturn and mars. Overal Iam confused.

Marriage Astrology in Chandigarh - Love Marriage Specialist

My name is Vikram Mukherjee from Kolkata, my date of birth is I am facing lot of hustles with a relationship. I just want to know when I ll get married and will i have an arranged or love marriage…. At the Smithsonian Visit. New Research. Curators' Corner. Ask Smithsonian.

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